The Emerging Leader is a global leadership development program for young and emerging leaders under African Leadership Development Center. We provide youths with leadership skills, development opportunities through individual programs, retreats, and experiential learning. These students will develop lifelong leadership skills that can be utilized within diverse educational, social, and business settings.

OUR VISION: Envisioning Tomorrow By Equipping Today’s Leaders.

The only way for a better tomorrow is to develop passionate and creative young leaders, who are equipped to serve the world’s greatest needs. The Emerging Leader program focused on youth leadership development. Through relevant and innovative events and resources, we equip the next generation leaders and also empower their parents, teachers, coaches and mentors who shape their lives.

Target Audience

The target audience is young and emerging leaders; High School and university Students. This can be two-fold:

  1. Current leaders who need a spark to ignite their vision and tools to help them lead.
  2. Potential leaders who need to catch a vision for the leader within them.

“Today, almost one-half the world’s population is 21 years old or younger. Ready or not, they will lead our world into the future.”

The Emerging Leader programmes



Lead Experience

We kick off each training session with the “Lead Experience.” This is a portable, conference held on a school campus or other onsite location.

It is a one-day experience that teaches leadership using images, video, music, interviews, and interaction in process groups, dramatic sketches, games, and a debriefing time. Students are introduced to the foundations and concepts of leadership and given an overview of the program.

Lead experience is our introduction to the program. Every event or visitation start with this. A one-day program designed to start something extraordinary.

Outcomes: students will...

  1. Experience an unforgettable day which leaves them believing they can be effective leaders and passionate about fulfilling a leadership role.
  2. Interact with each other over relevant leadership issues they can apply immediately.
    Digest truths communicated in a variety of mediums: images on a screen, interviews with excellent leaders, dramatic sketches, video case studies, music, games, and lots of interaction.
  3. Develop a game plan to continue growing as a leader.

The Emerging Leader Series

The Emerging Leadership Series is a seven-weeks long series where students will discover their own leadership style, and learn how to apply that knowledge to make an impact on their campus & greater community.They will enroll for the full program to continue their leadership development and be awarded a Leadership Certificate in partnership with the Ministry of Vocational training.

What else is included?

  1. A Student Leadership courses and workbook that will be used throughout the series.
  2. A certificate of completion at the end of the seven weeks.
  3. FREE dinner during the first informational session!
  4. An online assessment to determine your best leadership and behavioral style.

All leadership meetings will be held on Wednesdays, or Saturdays 5-6:30 pm for Universities and Wednesday afternoons for High Schools. This can also be adjustable depending on the availability of students.

The Emerging Leader Academy

The Leadership Journey Continues

Life Coach & Mentoring: Prominent leaders share their experiences to inspire and motivate young leaders to move forward into their leadership endeavors.

Global Leadership: At this session student’s work to connect leadership ideas learned in the previous sessions to the global community. Students will create a plan of action that will discuss leadership impact on the global society.

This is a 3-5 days events held during the summer holidays in July or early August.