Are you ready to reach your potentials? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Do you have a plan and the tools to improve your life or to become a “Better You”? What if you are aiming too low?

Welcome to the premier school of Leadership & Project Management

What is SALT?

The School of Advanced Leadership Training – SALT is a 9-months exclusive high-level Leadership development and the PRINCE2 project management program designed to improve your business, organization or ministry. This will help busy leaders who desire to improve but do not have the time to go to school. It will give you strategies to sharpen your character and give you the practical and knowledge to improve yourself and organization. This executive program will help business leaders as well as leaders in the non-profit sector to get ready for the next level of leadership.

How it Works?

Participants meet for lectures and on-location training, close interaction with outstanding leaders, roundtables fellowship and networking with like-minded leaders and professionals.

Option 1: Program participants meet every 3 months for 3 to 5 days within a 9 months period.

Option 2: Program participants will meet once a week for 10 weeks from 5pm. May also includes termly residential weekends away.

SALT delivers a high-level leadership-training program that will equip students with the character and competencies to maximize their potential and increase their capacity to make significant contributions in their workplace and beyond.

"Nothing is more critical to an organization than the quality of its leaders"

Who is this For?

  • Leaders from every sphere of society and from all levels of experience come to study with us: Entrepreneurs, politics, media, design, fashion, civil servants, charity & religious leaders, or leaders who want to take their organization to the next level.
  • Not everyone. [Applicants will be screened. The number of students will be limited to 30 students].
  • Leaders in a season or at a crossroads who need customized, focused, up close and personal attention. [Sometimes, instead of a conference, you need a controlled, safe forum to be blunt about the challenges you face and get frank, encouraging insight in return.]
  • Leaders, who are highly committed to strategic, interactive, out-of-the-box learning opportunities and are willing to invest the time, energy and money for the journey.
  • Leaders who may be feeling the need for an additional degree or college training who would rather invest that money in a practical, hands-on experience with others wired just like you.


SALT courses promote students’ Professional, and Personal Development. Each SALT course typically consists of audio or video lectures with PowerPoint, online discussions, readings, written assignments, and extensive learning resources.

You will be offered an Advanced Certificate in Transformational Leadership that will include:

Strategic Leadership. Strategic Planning. Personality Profile Tools. Organizational and Servant Leadership. Ethics and Decision making, Motivation. Creativity. Vision & Vision Casting. Goal setting. Organizational Development. Financial Management. Defining Purpose and Calling. Technology. Social Media Strategies. How to Plan your Projects. Conflit Mangement. Leadership Styles and Principles. Team Leading. Relational & Emotional Intelligence – Multicultural Leadership. Developing the Leader with You. Public speaking. Business and Enterprise. Social Entrepreneurship and other topics


Applicants must qualify before admission is granted (Initial acceptance will be provisional and admission numbers are limited.)

Submit a SALT Application for Admission and pay the application fee.


NB: You may also take single courses at SALT for purposes of personal enrichment instead of taking the whole program. Complete a simple application form, enroll in the desired course, and pay the appropriate fees.