Healthcare Leadership



Leadership is the driving force for change. We prepare health care leaders for the challenges they face through dynamic, evidence-based and experiential training. Individually and collectively, these leaders are transforming health care.

Why is Leadership in Healthcare Important?

Leaders in healthcare who have completed experiential, industry-specific healthcare leadership training programs are better equipped to drive progress in their organizations and throughout the health care system. Informed leaders can help shape the future of health care.

Who are Leaders in Health Care?

Health care leaders run the gamut and include early career managers, nurses, physicians, behavioral health workers, CEOs and more from community clinics, health plans, hospitals and other settings.


The Case for Africa

Africa is racked with disease that impacts every level of society. Having a medical doctor and nurse on our board is a tremendous advantage as they oversee our effort to provide medication to interior rural areas and villages. Through our cooperative efforts, our goal is to train and equip doctors and nurses in the best practices of healthcare and to also establish a Community Health Centers.

This Community Health Center will:

  • fill an unmet need for local health care services;
  • provide a hub for healthy community initiatives;
  • serve as a base of operations for several educational and community organizations;
  • be a demonstration site for communities and health care providers searching for creative ways to sustain viable health care operations and enhance community well-being; and
  • offer a superior training site for students in medicine, social science, and/or other fields.

On an annual basis, our medical team reaches out with medications to interior villages that are not accessible to hospitals and medical facilities that typically provide such resources. Therefore, we propose launching a Container to Clinic initiative as a viable option to better meet our objectives.


Partnership Needs: Purchase of a large shipping container; mosquito nets and malaria tablets, Help fight against HIV/AIDS; training for medical professionals; continued education of the villagers on best health practices.