Africa Leadership Development Center Foundation

Afrilead Foundation is based in Yaoundé, Centre Region. Our principal objective is to empower the less privileged of the society educationally, socially, economically and so as to contribute towards the eradication of poverty thereby improving upon their living conditions hence reducing societal decadence.

Our foundation intends to assist the disadvantaged with skills to improve their lives at every level. It is our belief that we should not merely give hand-outs that will be used today and forgotten tomorrow. It is our mandate to provide education and skills that can empower a person for a lifetime of growth. When we teach them skills necessary for abundant living, economic development and emotional health, we can impact an entire community for lifelong change.


Provide leadership development

Ensure education for all 

Promote health and nutrition

Support relief and development projects in communities.

We equip people to use their God given talent and fulfill their destiny thereby influencing their society.

We teach, encourage, counsel, pray and give donations to the needy