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Development in Africa has been slowed down because of a failure in our leadership system. The problem of Africa is not just poverty or starvation; it is leadership. There is a crisis among the people and society as a whole. There is a crisis of leadership at every level in our world; from business, government, non-profits to churches.

  • - The outward behavior and the inward character of today’s leader is rapidly diverging.
  • - The pace of technology, change, and the lack of margin is testing every leader.

The need of the hour is great LEADERSHIP. Great leaders build great organization. The need of the hour is men and women who understand what it means to be a LEADER. We need leadership that can TRANSFORM the lives of those we lead, hence bringing transformation to Africa and our world.


African Leadership Development Center (Afrilead) has the sole purpose of equipping leaders to change our world.



    The need of the hour is great LEADERSHIP. Great leaders build great organization

Core Values:

  • Vision: To see a better future and has hope that it can be achieved.
  • Strategic Leadership: Leaders are developed, equipped and positioned to lead the community & nation towards the accomplishment of its vision.
  • Ownership: People are taking responsibility for their own community & nation.
  • Cooperation: People are united and working together for the common good.
  • Volunteers: People are taking initiative and acting sacrificially to meet the legitimate needs of their community & nation.
  • Integrity: People are proud of their community and nation. They act in honesty and transparency.
  • Learning, Skill, and Resources: People are equipped to identify needs and resources, put together a plan, and mobilize volunteers to accomplish their vision. People are continually reflecting on what is happening in order to learn how to be more effective.



Enjoys the challenge of equipping leaders to change their world. He is the founder and president of African Leadership Development Center (Afrilead) and currently serves as the director of FIRE Bible Institute Yaoundé, Cameroon. He is a leadership conference speaker and has communicated his principles across Africa and America through his World Changers Leadership Summit. He is also the author of several books notably: Leadership from the InsideOut, The Emerging Leader and The Power of Vision. Denis lives in Yaoundé with his wife, Arit and their two children.                                            www.lifeleadership4.comwww.denisekobena.com


Is a servant who is passionate for leadership, learning and the empowerment of teams. He has been leading and training multicultural teams in different international organizations and non-profits for over 15 years. He also serves as manager of a CIG, Practical whose goal is “connecting people to resources.” He is blessed with a wonderful wife, Linda and three inquisitive boys.


Moved to Belgium when he was 18 and studied Business Management at the University of Antwerp. He started his career in process engineering at Deloitte before moving to the industry where he worked for Reynaers Aluminium and Manuchar, a supplier of Unilever. Roblain is a certified business process manager specialized in process set-up and improvement. At Manuchar, he was responsible for setting up Lean production lines for Manuchar all over the South American and African continents. Roblain is managing director of NAMé Recycling, Cameroon. http://www.name-recycling.com/


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